The 21 Day MLM Cruise Marketing Challenge

My agency, Numis Network, is doing a 21 day MLM Cruise Marketing Challenge starting nowadays to assist some human beings win our MLM cruise line advertising and marketing contest aboard Royal Caribbeans Jewel of the Seas. This is the last 3 weeks of the competition and we have already got 80+ human beings which have received. The motive I am sharing this data with every person is we’re using a points pushed device that after used at some stage in the primary MLM advertising venture netted us a seventy three% success charge! Read directly to find out how we based those points and how you may boost the overall performance of your MLM team. Keep in thoughts the underneath factors machine can be used for any award or sincerely each time, you don’t must have a cruise associated with it for it to paintings.

This MLM Cruise-Line Marketing Challenge gets your group to recognition on earnings producing activities

Let me give an explanation for what I imply through the 73% achievement price. When we ran this organisation huge, of all of the people that participated in the assignment, seventy three% achieved the aim of enrolling professionals of their first 30 days! Have you EVER heard that occurring? Usually on the subject of MLM you hear all the whiners speak about a ninety seven% failure price proper? (Ever observe how those who communicate about that percentage are trying to promote you something? Lol)

The 21 day MLM Cruise Marketing Contest is simple. You get leaders to shape groups of people, preferably round 10 humans in keeping with team. Each teammate has to conform to generate a median of 10 factors consistent with day or 70 points consistent with week. You will discover some people want to take the weekend off so they’ll generate their 70 points from Monday to Friday. Doesn’t count number so long as absolutely everyone DOES generate the 70 factors in step with week. By the manner, a points pushed system takes people’s minds off being hooked on the outcome. A “no” now will become “points”. Much more effective approach, wouldn’t you settle?

The MLM Cruise Marketing Challenge Points System*

Enrolling and Recruiting
Personally Enroll a new frontline Exec – eight pts
Sell accelerator set to a frontline exec. – five pts
Upgrade a associate to exec. – five pts
Enroll a Silver Coin of the Month Club member- three pts
Enroll a rep for Success Club – 3pts
Enroll a new partner – 2 pts
Presentations and Meetings
Attend Annual convention or Numis University – 10 pts
Conduct a PBR in your property – eight pts
Conduct a PBR in a person else’s domestic – 5pts
Make a new recruiting appointment – four pts
Present Numis business possibility to a prospect (1 on 1 or 2 on 1) – 4 pts
Conduct a 3-Way call with a prospect and your upline chief – 3pts
Bring a guest to a stay lodge meeting or PBR (each visitor) – 3pts
Attend a stay assembly in a Hotel, restaurant, or domestic – three pts
Have a prospect watch a numis presentation on line (need to verify that they watched it) – 2 pts
Follow up with prospect who has already seen a presentation – 2 pts
Make a new contact on your Numis Business – 1 pt


Conduct Training for a New Exec in their first 7 days – 2 pts
Conduct a live Training, Training convention name or Webinar to your group – 2 pts
*Some of this verbiage is specific to my agency, Numis Network, however you could undertake this in your corporation quite easily. If you have got questions about this, just post them as a comment under.

If you get your MLM group to recognition at the earnings producing activities..

If your MLM group did especially profit producing sports along with prospecting, followup, etc., their recruiting could go through the roof. I actually have now carried out this mission with teammates 4 distinctive times and every time I noticed a large bounce in our numbers. If you wanna provide your enterprise a kickstart, leap out and begin an MLM Marketing Challenge!